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SoulHer Power

At the climax of the progressive house scene, a sensuous & fiercely sexy vocal duo featuring WINDY BARNES and SUNNY DAYE pioneers their way onto the stages and dance floors of the world. With their creative approach to bringing peace and harmony to dance music, SoulHer Power is a bright new spark in the mix ready to set the international charts ablaze.


These kindred spirits have come together like the wind and the sun, creating just the right amount of heat and electricity designed to keep the industry on their toes and the crowd on their feet. These talented beauties with their soothing lyrics and power driven beats, assures audiences that not just girls, but Love rules the world!

SoulHer Power is taking party people across the globe to the edge of a whole new level. SoulHer Power’s fantasy futuristic image is out of this world, while their music message is relevant, simple and down to earth: “BREATHE FREE”, their soon to be released single, lands this fall to set the tone for a new kind of groove. “Live in peace, let’s agree! We can all breathe free”

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